Mindfulness Based Approach

Mindfulness Based Approaches are designed to deliberately focus one’s attention on the present experience in a way that is non-judgmental. Mindfulness has its roots in Eastern techniques. The practice requires that one intentionally directs focus away from states of mind that would otherwise occupy them, such as frightening or worrisome thoughts, and instead observe and accept the present situation and all it has to offer, regardless of whether that is good or bad.

Mindfulness based approaches can be used to address a multitude of symptoms and circumstances. Clients progress to mindfulness over time, and it requires dedication and practice. Once the skill of mindfulness has been learned, a client is able to integrate this therapeutic technique into virtually any situation that presents itself in order to maintain a sense of control in what might otherwise be an overwhelming experience. Psychological insight and emotional healing occur over time through the regular practice of mindfulness.

Mindfulness meditation is a common way to practice techniques of the mindfulness based approach. The clinician works with the client to direct their focus to the present moment. If the client becomes aware that their thoughts wander away from the present, they are taught to take note of their thoughts, of where they are and what they are about, with non-judgmental and open awareness, and bring their attention back to the present moment. The clinician works with the client to help them recognize what emotions and feelings these meandering thoughts created, and also to be aware of any physical sensations or urges associated with these thoughts.